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Portraits of the Homelands Project #2 > Chinara Miamona & Caroline Donnelly @ Wolubilis

Workshop Theatre @ Les Ateliers du Temps Libre / Wolubilis

Chinara Miamona

# Painter from Azerbaïdjan

Through painting, drawing and photography Mia works on her own perception of herself and of the world surrounding her.

She is born in 1992 in Soumgait and she was forced to leave Azerbaijan 4 years ago. She settled in Belgium where she participated in many exhibitions and projects with Refugees go talent and Amnesty International, among others.

Caroline Donnelly

Caroline has been around Brussels working as an performer, actress and stage director for quite a few years now. She is responsible for the drama workshops at Woluculture and has adult groups from beginners to advanced.  These workshops take place once a week at the end of the year present the work to the public.

With her advanced group she is looking forward to embrasing the Homelands project. 

Through the encounter with our Homelands partner Chinara, we hope to develop and enlarge our thoughts and sensibilities around new arrivals in Belgium, our attitudes to how we claim spaces and take ownership of our surroudings, where we are and where we want to be.

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