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Hussein Rassim & Amèle Metlini @ Molenbeek > Maison des Cultures + Atelier m de Foyer + Ecole 6

>> Saturday 30/03/2019 - 18:00 - Maison des Cultures de Molenbeek - 4 rue Mommaerts 1080 BXL / free entrance.

Since November 2018, eight refugee artists have been engaged in a process of artistic co-creation with the local community.

This collaboration was carried out in tandem with seven partners from the Brussels socio-cultural sector, including the Maison des Cultures de Molenbeek, the young people of the Foyer vzw and the Chamber Music for Europe who accompanied Hussein Rassim, an Iraqi oud player.

Come and discover the result of several musical co-creation workshops, with Hussein, several young people from the Molenbeek Home and about twenty children from School No. 6!

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