• Homelands BXL

Homelands Training Day @ Maison des Cultures of Molenbeek

With Milton Paulo – Contemporary dance, choreographer, teacher

& Raúl Iaiza - Director and Theatrical Pedagogue, with training as a classical musician

During 3 training sessions/ workshops spread over a period of 6 months an (inter)national team of International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation (IYMF) cultural ambassadors and experts will work with the tandems, teaching them complementary educational skills. Each trainer is in charge of 1 workshop and works from a different angle of expertise.

The aim is also to implement where possible the best practices and methodologies developed within the framework of past and present European projects the IYMF is involved in.

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The Homelands project is back!

« Homelands, places of belonging » est un projet de co-création communautaire pour et par des artistes primo-arrivants à l’initiative de la International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation. En 2020, 6 artistes