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Homelands, places of belonging: END EVENT May 4th

Homelands is the story of an extraordinary human adventure during a Brussels winter. 8 refugee artists, who do not know each other, were invited to lead 8 creative workshops in 8 Brussels cultural centres. Each week, they were immersed in a new universe, an unknown discipline with Brussels entertainers and groups of participants from all walks of life: students, seniors, residents, amateur actors, young people, in short, Brussels residents. And the miracle happened: friendships were born, ideas, connections and in the end, eight creative and collective productions were created. The watchword: decompartmentalization. Whether through artistic disciplines, through cultural and social barriers, or simply in the midst of tastes and colours... from theatre to oud, from batik on fabric creation to video film, we invite you to come and discover the result of this rich experience full of sharing, humanity, and discovery! Final event was held on may 4th 2019 at the Pianofabriek ---------------------------------------------- Homelands project is an initiative led by the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation. A project by Sergio Roberto Gratteri. Film by Hubert Amiel.

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The Homelands project is back!

« Homelands, places of belonging » est un projet de co-création communautaire pour et par des artistes primo-arrivants à l’initiative de la International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation. En 2020, 6 artistes