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Homelands * Abdelsalam Abunada & Véronique Golard & Pauline Richon * L'Entrela' & Studio Platon

Abdelsalam Abunada Filmmaker & painter from Palestine Adelsalam Abunada has a long experience in media development with other media as well as state and private journalists. He deeply cares about reinforcing dialogue, freedom, justice and human rights. “I consider myself as a world citizen interested in human interest stories and as an expert in media development”. Abdelsalam campaigned against a law that would give a stronger censorship right to the Palestinian National Authority. Under death threat, he sought asylum in Belgium in 2016.

Véronique Golard & Pauline Richon - Studio Platon

Bringing together eight Brussels associations, the project "Homelands - Places of belonging" gives the opportunity to refugee artists to share their artistic background with the inhabitants of a district. In Evere, we will collaborate with Abdelsalam Abunada, visual artist and director from Palestine. He will work in the Platon district with two animators of the "Artisanou" Center for Expression and Creativity: Véronique Golard, the ceramic workshop and Pauline Richon, the drawing and photo workshops. Twenty workshops will be organized from December to April around what it means to feel at home, to belong to a place, a community ...

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« Homelands, places of belonging » est un projet de co-création communautaire pour et par des artistes primo-arrivants à l’initiative de la International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation. En 2020, 6 artistes