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Ahmad Al Saadi @ La Maison des Voyageurs with Norma Pendergast

Ahmad Al Saadi & Norma Pendergast work together in Anderlecht @Zinnema

Norma Pendergast, about the project:

'Walking with the postman’ the subject of my 6 month residency at Zinnema (sept – April 2017/18) is a participative project and my enquiry into the poetic street names in Anderlecht.

Intrigued by the abundance of poetic street names in my neighbourhood, I decided to go out and see what my neighbours thought : Rue de la Democratie, Rue du Souvenir, Rue de l’Eternité, Place de la Beauté…. ..Along my way I asked people to ‘sing a note’.

The result of my enquiry is a mosaic of audio and video recordings - impressions of these words through poetry, music and performance, written and performed by the participants.

This work was shown as a solo exhibition at Zinnema in April this year : Photography/Video/Sound.

Following my successful residency and the easy contact I have established in the neighbourhood, Zinnema asked me to be their representative and work with Ahmad for the Homelands project.

Ahmad and I are creating a specific work with participants from the neighbourhood tailored to the ‘Homelands, places of belonging’ project.

This work is based on a similar approach and format to ‘Walking with the Postman’ where a greater part of the work involves meeting with the partners and working in a specific manner adapted to each group.

Ahmad and i will collect material (audio/visual/other) and edit and build from this material.

The final work will be shown at Zinnema on 4th of April 2019.

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