Ahmad Al Saadi & Norma Pendergast @ Zinnema

Workshop photo & sound

Ahmad Al Saadi

#Photographer from Syria

Ahmad Al Saadi is a young Syrian photographer born in Daraa, where sparked the beginning of the Syrian Uprising. During the revolution, he worked with the resistance as a journalist and a photographer under several nicknames.

In 2013, his home was bombarded and destroyed, what forced him to leave his country and start a long journey to Europe; a journey that he captured through the lens of his camera.

Two photography projects emerged from this experience: “La route de l’exile” and “Mon voyage vers la vie”. With these projects, Ahmad was awarded the second-best photographer prize in Brussels within the competition “Show Me Yourope”.

Settled in Brussels for two years, he captures the daily life of this city.

Norma Pendergast

Following my successful residency and the easy contact I have established in the neighbourhood,  Zinnema asked me to be their representative and work with Ahmad for the Homelands project. 


I am a freelance artist and do not run any workshop at Zinnema.  

 Ahmad and I are creating  a specific work (with participants from the neighbourhood) tailored to the ‘Homelands, places of belonging’ project. 


This work is based on a similar approach and format to ‘Walking with the Postman’ where a greater part of the work involves meeting  with the partners and working in a specific manner adapted to each group.  Ahmad and i will collect material (audio/visual/other) and edit and build from this material. 


Final work at Zinnema on 4th of April 2019

Preview on 4 April at 5 pm. Exhibition runs until 15 April 2019

Rue de Veeweyde 24-26 – 1070 Brussels.

Closing event of the Homelands collective project, which brought together the Syrian photographer Ahmad Al Saadi, the artist Norma Prendergast and local partners in the Dutch-speaking cultural centre Zinnema in Anderlecht. The participants worked with the local associations’ partners of the project: Club 55, the Maison des Voyageurs and the Steiner school. They produced an exhibition of photos taken during the weekly meetings from october 2018 - March 2019, as well as a heart-warming documentary on the issue of feeling at home that you can discover right here:



And let's not forget a great moment on stage, led by the students of Steiner School on the theme of the project.

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