Shalaan Lazim & Benoît Coutier & Ada Rajszys @ Les Ateliers du Temps Libre - Wolubilis

Workshop 3D project @ateliersdutempslibre

Shalaan Lazim

# Sculptor From Irak

Shalaan Lazim (32 years old) comes from Mosul (Irak) where he studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts. He now lives in Belgium where he studies Dutch and where he has already exhibited his work twice. Shalaan also organized workshops for people of all ages.

Benoît Coutiez & Ada Rajszys

Creative workshop on distortion, extension, volume and the third dimension. Give body to the imagination and creation becomes the medium of the expression.

Opening exhibition 3D Project march 20th - 5.30PM >> until march 24th

ART CENTER GALLERIE - Place J-B Degroof 5 – 1200 Bruxelles

Shalaan Lazim (sculpture) leads the participants of the 3D workshop (adult women) to a 3D installation based on the idea of migration and the group's personal interpretation by integrating Shalaan's experience.

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