Mohammad Aukal

#Dancer from Palestine

Mohammad is founder and instructor of the group Dabke (folk dance) uniting both traditional and modern dance, open to everyone.


This talented artist offers a unique project here in Brussels. His goal is to express oneself through this art and he believes that dance is a privileged tool for co-creation and for the creation of new movements from other dances and cultural styles.

Ruben Vandersteen & Julie De Clercq in Cityzoom

Cityzoom is a studio on Wednesday afternoons where young people themselves go to work to make a unique film.


They learn how to write, direct, film, act and record sound in a low-threshold way. This year they work around the theme "homelands" and are accompanied by dancer Mohammed.


Together with the young people, a unique language is sought where movement and film form a unity.


Rue du Fort 35 – 1060 Brussels.


Mohammed Aukal (dance) has worked with a group of 12-14-year-olds (from the district) under a film project, "City Zoom".


Mohammad Aukal & Julie De Clercq @ Pianofabriek

Workshop Dance & film Cityzoom