Abdelsalam Abunada

#Film maker #painter from Palestine

Adelsalam Abunada has a long experience in media development with other media as well as state and private journalists. He deeply cares about reinforcing dialogue, freedom, justice and human rights.

“I consider myself as a world citizen interested in human interest stories and as an expert in media development”.

Abdelsalam campaigned against a law that would give a stronger censorship right to the Palestinian National Authority. Under death threat, he sought asylum in Belgium in 2016.

Véronique Golard & Pauline Richon - Studio Platon

Bringing together eight Brussels associations, the project "Homelands - Places of belonging" gives the opportunity to refugee artists to share their artistic background with the inhabitants of a district.


In Evere, we will collaborate with Abdelsalam Abunada, visual artist and director from Palestine. He will work in the Platon district with two animators of the "Artisanou" Center for Expression and Creativity: Véronique Golard, the ceramic workshop and Pauline Richon, the drawing and photo workshops.

Véronique Golard, Ceramics workshops’ animator at L’Entrela

Véronique works with earthenware, porcelain and sandstone following her desires and projects. She sometimes mixes clay with other materials such as wood or metal. Her artistic journey is constantly in motion, in search of the purified, the living, the organic. Plants and minerals nurture her sensitivity. She often takes part in projects with other artists, groups and workshops, dealing with dance, movement, sound, etc. She finds a good balance between her personal work and the fulfilment she gets from her workshops.


Pauline Richon, Observational Drawing & Digital Photography animator, at L’Entrela

Pauline’s works invite us to take a walk, one step at a time, not too fast. The gaze searches, the senses are blurred, reality is diverted. Gently and with humour, Pauline questions our relationship with the environment, as an element, subject or living space.

Twenty workshops will be organized from December to April around what it means to feel at home, to belong to a place, a community ...

ENTRELA: Preview on 6 April at 4 pm at the Platon Studio

(11, Avenue Platon in 1140 Evere)

where the works created during the workshops will be exhibited. The public will then discover the 6m x 2m wall fresco which can be seen for 5 years (Clos des Lauriers Roses).


As a residential artist in the Platon district in Evere, Abdelsalam Abunada (painting) meets the local residents every week. On the basis of their ideas and personal wishes in connection with their habitat (home), they will jointly create a multidisciplinary artistic work which will be exhibited in their district.


Abdelsalam Abunada & Véronique Golard & Pauline Richon @ Evere

L'Entrela' & Studio Platon

Workshop Homelands