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Schedule of partners' closing events

1. WOLUBILIS - 3D Project 

Preview on 20 March (5.30 pm). Exhibition runs until 24 March 2019

(can be accessed every afternoon from 2 to 6 pm) – ART CENTER GALLERIE -

Place J-B Degroof 5 – 1200 Brussels

+ Exhibition of the works. Preview on 24 May (6pm). Also runs on 25 - 26 May 2019 at the Wolubilis Theatre – 1 Cour Paul-Henri Spaak – 1200 Brussels


Shalaan Lazim (sculpture) leads the participants in a 3D workshop (adult women) towards a 3D installation based on the notion of migration and the personal interpretation of the group while integrating Shalaan's life experience.



On 30 March at 6 pm > La Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion sociale de Molenbeek

4 rue Mommaerts 1080 Molenbeek

Under the leadership of Hussein Rassim (music) and his colleagues, a group of young people from the area (Le Foyer) and a group of children from an out-of-school workshop (Ecole 6) (MCCS) will come together in an audiovisual and music show on the core theme of the project.



Preview on 4 April at 8.30 am. Baron Steens primary school, rue Haute 255 – 1000 Brussels. Exhibition runs for 2 weeks


Together with a primary school from the Marolles district in Brussels, Ali Sabri (painting) has researched the places of origin of each child and their feelings of belonging today. School sessions will lead to an exhibition in cooperation with the Flea market on the Place du Jeu de Balle.




Preview on 4 April at 5 pm. Exhibition runs until 15 April 2019 – Rue de Veeweyde 24-26 – 1070 Brussels

Ahmad Alsaadi (photography) has included the ideas and interpretations of the Homelands theme into his work, with different target groups: a Steiner school, a mental institution and a local meeting hall (Club 55/Travellers' House), resulting in a photo and sound exhibition.



Preview on 6 April at 4 pm at the Platon Studio (11, Avenue Platon in 1140 Evere) where the works created during the workshops will be exhibited. The public will then discover the 6m x 2m wall fresco which can be seen for 5 years (Clos des Lauriers Roses).


As a residential artist in the Platon district in Evere, Abdelsalam Abunada (painting) meets the local residents every week. On the basis of their ideas and personal wishes in connection with their habitat (home), they will jointly create a multidisciplinary artistic work which will be exhibited in their district



Preview on 12 April from 10 am to noon. The work will be exhibited during our final event at the Pianofabriek on 4 May (to be specified) or may be shown in a public place (to be specified).

Tony Bland (fashion design) guides adult participants of different ages within a Batik workshop. At the end of their work, a Batik installation will be organized, evoking a place where everybody can feel at home.



4 MAI 2019 – Rue du Fort 35 – 1060 Bruxelles.

Mohammed Aukal (dance) has worked with a group of 12-14-year-olds (from the district) under a film project, "City Zoom".


On 25 May at 8 pm and 26 May at 3 pm. Théâtre Cité Wolubilis – 9 Rue Lola Bobesco – Salle Bissectine – 3rd floor. A short presentation will take place on 4 May at the Pianofabriek during our closing event.

During drama classes at the Ateliers du Temps Libre, the group of participants (of all ages) got inspired by the personal story of Chinara Miamona (drawing, painting) and turned it into a final show