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Homelands, places of belonging is a community co-creation project for and by artist newcomers, led by the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation and its partners.


During six months, eight artists newcomers commit themselves to a process of artistic co-creation with the local community. They will collaborate with seven partners from the Brussels socio-cultural sector who will support the artists in their work.


Based on the notion of “HOMELANDS”, the project is an artistic search of the meaning of “being home”, belonging to a city, a community, a neighbourhood, etc.


The project Homelands is engaged in a story of positive inclusion by creating a lasting dialogue between citizens of Brussels and newcomers through one of the most powerful tools of each culture: ART.


Our mission: to give artists newcomers opportunity to restore their artistic identity in society, to co-creatively share their knowledge and art with the host community and become the future (inter-) cultural mediators.