A 6 months community project driven by artists newcomers in Namur, Brussels and Antwerp.


Each artist will work in tandem with a partner from the socio-cultural sector and the target group.

In the 5 locations in Belgium, they will share their skills and knowledge during creative workshops from january until june 2020.

Why? Should we ask?

In times of ongoing global conflicts we as a society are every day confronted with the consequences   of these conflicts on a political, economical but even more on a human level.  The inclusion of thousands of migrants in our European habitat remains till today a challenging issue that directly or indirectly affects every one of us. Unfortunately in recent years it has also been leading to more radical and intolerant political tendencies in our own societies.  This project therefore aims to tackle some of these challenges by contributing to a more fair perception of these newcomers and a smoother and mainly more humane inclusion process by using one of the most powerful tools every culture cherishes: ART. 


  • Zeinabou Hamidou Diori (Niger)

  • Leandro Ramirez (El Salvador)

  • Hussein Rassim (Irak)

  • Octavio Amos (Benin)

  • Timur Magomedgadzhiev (Dagestan)

  • Alida Heikerk (Surinam)